Craft planning goes BLOG!

September 16th 2011

Hi. I’m Elaine, the Summercrafter. I always joke with my husband that my job gets in the way of my crafting~ he doesn’t think it’s so funny.

For a good part of the school year, I plan my summer crafts.  I make a list of ideas, crafts and projects that I want to do in June, July and August. (Yes, I pack lots of supplies when I go on vacation.)  Many of them come from Books, UFOs (un-finished-objects) and quite a few are born in the middle of the night and have been in my head for years! 

But I don’t just create in the summer, I also look forward to Spring Break, Winter Recess and any other holiday during the year. The most enjoyable are the unplanned crafts I make as gifts for teachers, friends and family throughout the year. I call those “shotgun” crafts because I make those as soon as they occur to me.  So I hope you will come back and visit and tell your friends too!  I can’t wait to share what I have made, what I am working on and what I am planning for my next Summer of Crafting. Maybe you will start planning your projects too.  Happy Creating!

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