Craft Room Come True!

September 30th 2011

My Craft Corner, it has more personality
now and much more stuff too!

 left & right sides have fabric,
the middle & drawers, everything else!

Who doesn’t want their own space to create? Ok, maybe only us artsy and crafty people. I remember decades ago when I had all the time in the world and no money for crafts. Then I started working and looking for a husband (LOL) and had no time.  Finally, as life began unfolding, I took advantage of the pregnancies as an excuse to make baby comforters and crib items; but, once the kids came,  you know how that went. It took 3 years to make the cross-stitch for the first baby, 6 years to finish the one for the other baby. It’s no wonder since Cross-stitching was my “airplane” craft. 
Out of desperation and craft anxiety, I started a “hope” closet of craft supplies in case there was a fleeting chance that, one day, I could perhaps be creative again.  It was quite an undertaking to make something because while the closet was organized, I had to dismount and dismantle plastic containers and rediscover what was in them just to get situated with one project. Then, I had to put everything back so we could eat on the dining room table.  My dreams of creating again were dashed and I promised myself that for a year I wouldn’t buy anything else if I wasn’t able to use it.  And I do that periodically, even now.

When we moved, my only request was that I had a place, a corner, a nook or cranny of my own.  Finally, my creative space was a reality , in the best lit spot in the house.  I spent several months searching online for ideas on Flicker, Easy Closet, Container Store, IKEA, and the magazine WHERE WOMEN CREATE, the Mary Engelbreit edition.

Then, I drew and sketched and inventoried my “hope” closet to make sure everything had a special place.  I had it down to specific dimensions since I was limited to a 10 ft. wall and no one sold what I wanted. We  found a cabinet maker who did it to my specifications (mostly) and with a few tweaks from my husband, it was perfect!  My favorite features (below) are the ribbon cabinet (which has 8 steel bars for small spools and 1 bar on top for large spools) and the overhead light feature with multiple outlet just under the glass cabinets.  
I hope you enjoyed my Craft Corner pics and you feel inspired to make your own.  When I grow up, I hope to graduate to a studio.  By the way, if you really want to see what’s inside the drawers, let me know. : ) 
P.S. Of course, Martha Stewart has a craft room too! Her craft room furniture is available here. Although I saw hers after mine was done, I am not sorry, my space is great. I did, however, add one of her pieces just this week. Happy Creating!      ~Elaine

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