Five Little Pumpkins revisited

October 31st 2011
The last of the little pumpkins have rolled out of sight and as the silver clouds cover the moon, the new and improved version is not quite what I had planned. While I fantasized about using rickrack, googly eyes and all sorts of embellishments, I ended up using the sewing machine more than anything.
I changed the yellow crescent moon to a full white moon with a bat silhouette across it, with red glass beads for eyes that don’t appear on this picture.

The pumpkins have different shapes as do real ones and I added stitching to mark the line indentations that characterize the big orange fruit.  It’s really the best part but is difficult to distinguish and appreciate unless you are up close.  I used felt again for the features, but in yellow to mimic the candle’s glow on the jack-o-lantern.  I also added tiny glass beads to accent the eyes. I tried the googly eye but didn’t really like the look.

For the felt fence, I outlined it in brown stitch; I used the free motion feature so I could add knots and irregularities as real wood would have. I wanted to use Rick-Rack for the top of the fence but it was a soft wave look that didn’t quite give the fence the look I wanted.

And for the cat, I hand sewed his whiskers, added a pink pom-pom nose and green eyes.

Conclusion: The Five Little Pumpkins Felt Activity is larger and more detailed than the original but not necessarily more embellished as I had hoped. Still, I am happy with how it turned out and the kids were marveled!



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