Five Little Pumpkins

October 24th 2011
Finger plays are great activities to do with little ones. Interestingly enough, I find that the older kids also love them because it brings back “warm fuzzies” from when they were “little.”  It’s really fun to act silly and watch the children giggle and laugh and enjoy something as simple as a song or finger play. Five Little Pumpkins is a very popular one for this time of year.  The words may vary slightly, but the five little pumpkins always roll out of sight!
Using flannel boards and felt for such activities make great visuals that really help keep the kids focused and engaged. And felt, the craft store acrylic kind, is also a very easy medium to use:

Everything is removable. I start with laying the black,
then the fence, the moon as the kids try to figure out
 what it is then they see the pumpkins.

1)     It doesn’t fray or unravel
2)     Comes in various consistencies, soft or firm
3)     In various sizes
a.     By the yard
b.     By the sheet
4)     In packs or individual
5)     Sticky back
6)     With glitter, etc…
Today I am sharing my ratty old flannel version of Five Little Pumpkins so we can compare it to my new and improved, embellished version which is yet to be revealed!  For the old one I just used soft felt, even for the features. No bells. No whistles. (But the kids still love it) 

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