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October 25th 2011

Hey Readers,

May I just say how encouraged I am that everyday there are a few more page views.  Thanks so much for popping back in regularly to take a peek at what’s new. I promise new crafts are coming! I want to make sure I have enough quality pictures that you can appreciate. 

Please vote on the top right hand side so I can keep this blog going with crafts or posts that interest you. Please leave a comment or email me  if there is something you want to see, or you have an idea and you are not sure how to make it concrete. I would be glad to help!

Here are some of my craft books, the collection has grown since this photo, now I also have craft magazines. I started with Christmas Crafts books by Mary Engelbreit just because I love the colors in her artwork.  Then it just took off and I have been collecting all sorts of craft books, anything I want to learn or improve my skills on: Watercolor, felt, Scandinavian Style, quilting, sewing, gardening, kitchen remodeling. I also have some poetry, nursery rhymes and great picture books.  Illustrations are great to pull craft ideas from; plus, I am a librarian I love books, and look at how nice they look just by the color of the spines!

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