There was an old lady made out of felt!

October 28th 2011

This series of The old lady who swallowed a… has really filled, if not satisfied, all sorts of appetites. Touché for the author, Lucille Colandro, who’s making money, but like all series, some stories are better than others. 

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For her Halloween version There was an old lady who swallowed a bat ,  I made a large felt version using the firm felt variety in large 12 x 18 sheets.  I used the illustrations from the book and looked at “each” piece of the character in terms of shape: the nose, head, wing, mouth, etc… This makes it easier to reproduce so it looks just like the illustration. Then I embellished some parts with fabric puff paint in the little bottles (3 inches) that you can squeeze. I also used yarn and jewels. 
These types of flannel stories are great for class activities, as games (what comes next) or as a Halloween Party entertainment. You can use a large flannel board, or just hold the character you are telling about, or have children line up holding up each character as it comes up in the story.

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