Clever Letters: The Rag Doll and the Sailor

November 20th 2011
First you take the R and you paint it, (paint it). Remember to do back and sides first! Two coats for best coverage.
Trace the letter on paper, I used tracing paper. I “presented” the head on the paper letter and drew out her apron dress. I had to add a neck to her head. I cut out the apron and traced it onto the back of textured white cardstock so it would look like linen or fabric.

Next, after laying it out how I liked it, I hot glued the head onto the letter and I used Mod Podge to stick the apron to the R. If you’ll notice on the final photo, I left the “skirted” look short so you could still tell it was the letter “R.”
Details!! The Original Raggedy Ann, has a flower pattern on her blue blouse. So I dipped the point of a pencil in pink acrylic paint and dotted these little flowers on the “blouse” part of the letter.

In the final picture I re-did her apron and left the full skirt,  but you can still see the “R” legs.
Still, she was missing something…..a little sash around her waist. 
For Andy, I did the same idea tracing using blue cardstock for his overalls. I used a white gel pen to draw the stitches around them and a little red rope to finish him off. His outfit did not resemble the “original.” so…
Here is Andy in his signature black tie and blue & red plaid shirt & buttons on his pants.

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