L is for Sister

November 26th 2011

No matter how large or small the craft or project, how complicated or involved it is, how much or little time it takes, how much planning or spontaneity it requires; making it still gives me a warm feeling. 1) I am feeding my soul doing what makes me happy & using my talents and 2) Giving/making something for someone else also lends to having “warm fuzzies.” It’s a  double whammy of goodness for all!! These happen to be 2 of the Laws of Happiness, found in the book by Dr.Henry Cloud. He was the only male speaker at the Women of Faith conference last month and he really spoke volumes to my heart as did the extraordinary women who shared the word of God and their testimonies. WOW!

Here is a 10 minute craft. Get a large pre-painted white letter (or any color you fancy). This letter is about 9 inches tall. Wrap two ribbons (wide & narrow) around it and accent it with buttons, jewels, felt or paper flower, anything at all!! See mine?

These are the supplies you’ll need.
TIP: Lay everything out before you glue.  Play with it until you are totally happy with how you want it set up.

First wrap the widest ribbon around the letter. Dot the hot glue in the center and on the back side as seen below. DO this with each ribbon you use.   I added a white ribbon because the green ribbon was too light, I didn’t want the flowers to show through.

This is how it looks on the back. over lap 1 1/2 to 2 inches.


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