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Clever Letters: S is for Schoolhouse & N is for Paper

November 18th 2011

Although it may appear that I glued a piece of notebook paper on this letter, I did not! I gave it one coat of white so it would look a little transparent like a piece of paper. Then with a ruler, I drew the pink margin and blue lines with a fine tip Sharpie.

I used mini black buttons for the holes in the paper and glued a pencil button onto the “paper.”

One coat of black was enough for this “street” then I did the dashes for lane dividers.
For this letter, I didn’t add the school or the bus until it was assembled due to the overlapping of letters that affected their placement.

Clever Letters: "A" is for Assignment

November 17th 2011
For this assignment, I used chalkboard fabric since the teacher writes all the assignments on the board.
Paint the back and sides of the letter before you do this, so the front doesn’t get ruined.
Trace the letter backwards on the fabric and cut it out carefully.
Peel off the stickers.
Brush fabric Mod Podge on the letter and smooth out the fabric over the letter, be careful as the fabric may stretch.
Trim excess fabric, due to stretching, creat a piece of chalk from felt and hot glue onto the letter. I may even light a match to any unraveling threads.

Clever Letters: M is for "Crayola"

November 16th 2011

As soon as I thought of the actual shape of the letter “M” I knew this would work. I gave it one coat of regular yellow and then mixed it with a dab of orange for the authentic “crayola” box color. I then added the signature stripes, not as straight as I would have liked, I lacked a regular tipped sharpee so I used a brush.

Then I added some crayon buttons. Pretty cute, huh?

This is the back view, did I mention to paint the back first??

Clever Letters: An "O"pple for the Teacher

November 15th 2011
For the letter “O” I gave it 2 coats of red paint. Paint the back and sides first as I said before. When the letters are painted dark, I paint the back dark also, otherwise, I use a cream or light color just to cover the wood and give it more of a neat look on the back.  I made a stem out of brown pipe cleaner and the leaf out of green felt, hot glued on the back.  I wrote a message on a mini chalkboard, and hot glued it to the “apple.”

For the “M” I traced it backwards on craft paper and brushed regular Mod Podge on the letter and smoothed the paper in place. I added a red ribbon by gluing the ends around the back and a dab in the center, then added a white button, to keep with the color scheme, as you will see later.

What to do with all these letters?

November 14th 2011
Well, a couple of months ago, I was awake in the middle of the night figuring that out.  The first step in any good project is proper planning. Now generally, outside of planning vacations, I am not a good planner, except when I am inspired about a craft such as this one. I really like to personalize projects as much as possible and study the details when I am making a gift for someone. This one was no exception. Once I had it sketched out though, half of the work was done!  I wanted to give this one as a Christmas gift, and I know just about now, time is going to start running away from me with all the holidays and related obligations.  So, I decided to get started on it, which of course meant I wouldn’t rest until it was finished!! The challenge now is WAITING until the last day of school to give it away. So I have decided to post in on this blog, and if she happens to visit and see it, then I’ll give it to her early. My goal is to post one letter a day then show you the finished product. I am very pleased with it, I hope the intended recipient will be too, you may even know her!
For starters, paint all letters that have to be painted, back side first so the decorated front parts don’t get ruined later, (been there, done that!) also paint the sides and lastly the front of letters that will be painted.