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Random Crafts!!

December 30th 2011
First Grade Project Gingerbread House with assistance from the Summercrafter, me!
Children should not use hot glue!!  After we covered it with felt, we let the student use fabric glue to finish it off with pompoms and such.
Home Made Tags: Card stock, stamps, ribbon, stickers, jewels: easy peasy!

Santa Claus Broom
Miniature Wreath (6-8 inches)

Wrapping Paper for Decoupage, Done!

December 27th 2011

The Day after Christmas has always been such a downer. So much hype and anticipation and then there’s the day after.  You wake up still cleaning up boxes and paper and organizing new and old stuff and the dreaded task ahead of taking down the tree and decorations.  I find there are some things that make the 26th less hum drum.

First, plan to leave on a trip! Second, stay home in PJs watching movies all day. Third, have a crafting extravaganza! J Fourth, go out on the town doing something completely new. Fifth, of course, stay home and play with all the new stuff! What did I do? A little of the cleaning, a little playing with new stuff and a little bit of crafting.
I was so happy to sit down and try this decoupage technique.  After having this sign for years, literally, I finally did this craft and it only took about an hour.  This is how I did it.

1.  Precut the shapes from the wrapping paper (I used Mary Engelbreit Designs) before you start the craft, this can take time.  Keep in mind to also cut the shapes that are partial at the end of the paper roll, as these may come in handy when you are laying it out on surface edges.
2.  Lay out the cut pieces on your surface as you like it before you use the decoupage adhesive.
You may have to trim some even more to fit around edges and such.
When you have it how you like it, you can start the decoupage technique.
3.  Brush the adhesive on the back of the paper with the sponge applicator and put it where you want it and smooth it out on the surface. I did this for all the pieces that went on the one section I was working on.
** I was a little stingy with the glue at first because I didn’t want it to be gloppy. TIP: If you are too stingy with the glue on the paper piece, it will stick right away and you can’t reposition it. A little more buys you time for it to dry so you can move it if you need to.

4. Clean as you go any excess that gets in a wrong spot before it dries.

5.  After all the pieces were down; I brushed a small layer of adhesive over the entire surface as stated in the directions. I tried to keep the  strokes going in a vertical direction (up & down) for a neater finish.
 Here is how it looks when the the surface was coated with the decoupage. A little shiny but not glossy, as I had feared!
 A F T E R
(You can click on the pics for larger view)
I am not sure if you can easily read what it says with all the flowers,
it looks neat with the colors behind in on the “before” picture but it’s too late now!

Follow me!

December 24th 2011
Hi everyone,
Thanks for reading and visiting my blog! I am thrilled that the page views for my blog are over 700, and I started the blog about 3 months ago. Mostly though, I hope that you are enjoying it as much as I am and maybe learning a thing or two along the way. Hey, maybe you are trying out some of the crafts. It’s all about relaxing and expressing your own creativity and style, everyone’s got some!
What’s really cool is that some of you are from all over the world! Hi to you in Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, England, Brazil, and the good old USA, including Alaska and a new hit from Italy! That’s amazing! So, I added a “FOLLOW” option besides the email option so I can see who you are! I am sorry I am not on facebook yet, that may be coming up at a later date…

Please feel free to leave me a comment, just click “Add a comment” that is under each post. Tell me what you like, don’t like and want to see or just say hi! I would enjoy very much to read what you have to say.

(That’s me, the shadow with the cooler, video camera, beach bag, towels and purse taking the picture)
Hmmm..that shadow is like a circus mirror, everything is distorted!

In the meantime, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Blogging!

But there was no room…

December 21st 2011
Edna Ferber said “Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling.”  I agree with her. I love Christmas and the feelings that come with it. Celebration, anticipation, joy, detachment from realities of life, even if it’s for a 2 hour Christmas movie escape.  Sure, who doesn’t love to open something, but it’s just not about that anymore. This year I noticed I have WAY too many Santa ornaments and not enough mangers, Holy Family, and especially the Baby Jesus. That’s what it’s about. Focusing on that is so difficult with the TV on, the mail—yes the mail, never mind the mall, the sales, and the traffic. Everywhere you go there is mayhem!
This year I want to make room for Him. It’s a paradox, 2000 years ago there was no room in the Inn, and now, in my life, and in how many others, we are completly caught up in the commercialism and the hassle and bustle and there is still no room for Jesus. We must make room for the author and finisher of our faith. Case in point… 
In all the decorating of the tree, sorting all the ornaments, deciding where to hang what and how high or low, the children remember the reason for the season.  The one decoration my kids never leave out, forget or discard, after all these years is this Sunday School Craft we made a few years ago. The baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling “construction paper” lying on a bed of hay.  Is that the sweetest thing?  Happy Birthday Baby Jesus and thanks for coming into the world to redeem us.