Random Crafts!!

December 30th 2011
First Grade Project Gingerbread House with assistance from the Summercrafter, me!
Children should not use hot glue!!  After we covered it with felt, we let the student use fabric glue to finish it off with pompoms and such.
Home Made Tags: Card stock, stamps, ribbon, stickers, jewels: easy peasy!

Santa Claus Broom
Miniature Wreath (6-8 inches)

2 thoughts on “Random Crafts!!

  1. Elaine

    Thanks for your support and encouragement. A true friend motivates and inspires. How fortunate am I to have people like this in my life? Blessings all mine with a thousand besides…..

  2. Ailette

    Summercrafter? I think it’s all-year-round-crafter! You have been crafting-away this winter mam! These are absolutely gorgeous! The broom is excellent…LOVED IT! I also love the tags and the gingerbread houses…you know what? I LOVE IT ALLLLLLLL! You are very talented my dear friend! I can’t wait to see what HE will do with you this year 2012! BLESSINGS!


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