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January 10th 2012
Of course I am not the only one —I knew that. It’s just these types are not in my circles. Sure, I am surrounded by people with creative skills on many levels but I am the one with the irresistible urge to do it all day long! My husband for one is a self-proclaimed, “UN-CREATIVE” type. Yet, when we were house shopping, he would look at a run down dump and see all it’s possibilities, that’s creativity! What makes artists, bloggers, crafters, quilters, fabric-o-holics, and a variety of other folks successful or meaningful, is that there are millions out there just like us.  It’s a human condition, and how nice to know that we are not alone!

I was in a book store the other day looking for the Quilt Sampler Magazine, which is AWOL in these parts for the last 2 issues, and I came across the magazine Artful Blogging. (They also publish Where Women Create, another favorite of mine, as you may know.) Well, I had heard of it, from the WWC mag, but it was the first time I had browsed through it. What a lovely periodical. Not only are the images soft and inviting, the writing is from the heart.
Everyone featured seemed to talk about how blogging is a place to express our creativity without judgement or restraint. It is simply something we MUST do, both the craft and the blog.  This is why blogging about crafts, or crafting to blog has become so popular. People who like it, do it, or wish they could, will read it, if you post it.  And it’s not just crafting, it’s a whole world of blogs about everything imaginable (go ahead search for some) and while we are all unique, there is a thread of commonality among us. It draws us together, to talk, to belong, to express ourselves to be heard and understood, even if it’s just for our own purpose and enjoyment.  I hope to learn something from all those other bloggers and improve my own little blog.

After much denial and skepticism about so many technological toys that I consider to be communication tools used without communication skills; I think blogging, in my view, has given technology some redeeming qualities after all.

2 thoughts on “Art Filled Bloggers

  1. Elaine

    Share the links. I would love to see their blog even though when it comes to jewelry, I have 2 left hands for making it but lots of other parts for wearing it!

  2. Ailette

    I know someone at school that crafts jewelry…of all types. One of my aunts is also into this type of crafting. The other day I was researching cross-crafting and found out many interesting things. The “Crafting-List” is endless; there are so many ways and venues that lead to an exploration without end…one journey always leads to the next. These two individuals blog about their crafting with jewelry. Also, I have yet to discover my crafting edge, or should I say my “scrapping edge”! Your post has opened a new window of exploration for me; now, I have a reason to research and see what people in the craft-world are saying about their amazing discoveries and journeys! I really enjoyed some of the articles in the Christmas Cottage magazine! Thank you!


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