One Sitting Crafts

January 5th 2012
I have made a discovery about myself and the crafts I make. When I create, I like to see the finished product in a relatively short time. If I break the process down into phases, I feel like I accomplished something and my Craft Corner doesn’t look like a war zone for days on end. Not to mention that it’s a good way to get the photos of the stages in the process. This is why a “One Sitting Craft” is a great thing. I do it in one sitting, or one day or one hour, and I can scratch it off my list, literally. I once did a scrapbook this way, one page at a time and it was really beneficial to know I had a starting and stopping point and something to look forward to every night.

My daughter and I made this together to hang on her door,
20-30minutes, hot glue, ribbons, jewels and stickers.

I have also been wanting to try this “inner painting” of a glass ball for a while, although this one is plastic, no one would ever know! I especially liked the embellishing part, this one is simple and elegant, (see below) the “inner” paint took a long time to dry. So I figured, if I break the task down to painting only on one day, several at a time, they can all dry and I can move on to embellishing. Then, for one day, one sitting  one hour or one or two ornaments at a time, I can decorate each and finish them off.
I am doing a set of “JOY themed” ornaments for a friend and this is the first one.

Light blue acrylic paint poured inside and swished around. 
Silver adhesive letters, lowercase.

Silver laced metallic trim on sides with snowflake and jewels on the back.
I tied a white ribbon with 2 blue beads threaded through.
It takes on a totally new look when they are painted from the inside, like a “floating” effect and the paint doesn’t get scratched off.

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