Pretty Papers Make Cute Crafts

January 22nd 2012
Paper crafts: Fast, easy, pretty! I am under the weather, but I had a little time to make something but not energy for big preparation and clean up. So I thought about using some pages I have been saving from Mary Engelbreit’s 2011 day-to-day calendar. (The kind you tear a page from every day.)  I have been collecting them either because I like the illustration, the message, or I could use it for another project like scrapbooking or making cards.
I used these in particular for bookmarks because I am reading or trying to read several books at once.  I couldn’t add “jazz” to the paper part since it goes in the book but I was able to add a little 3D to the part that hangs out.  So to humor you, I will show you the 4 books and the 4 bookmarks and you can guess where they each will go. First one to guess correctly gets a free book mark made by me!     
This project is basically cut and glue. Fancy scissors optional but not necessary.
Current Reading Material.
Magazine about Bloggers,their beautiful blogs and their journeys.
Product Details
Great book! Go ahead, admit that your kids drive you crazy and sometimes you don’t “feel the love.”
No one said it would be easy, thanks Leslie Leyland Fields
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A great way to draw & build a business plan for us right brainers, aka creative folks.
Click the book or here to learn more.
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A nice little Christmas story about reconciliation, a happy ending I’m sure. This is a great, “disconnect from my world” reading, can’t wait to start! Check out the author Chris Fabry.

2 thoughts on “Pretty Papers Make Cute Crafts

  1. Ailette

    These are absolutely beautiful! The pictures seem to be telling a story…especially with the handing arrangements you’ve added…like the one with clouds!


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