Unlikely Crafts

January 16th 2012
I really enjoyed being able to create at will over the two weeks of winter recess.  And I get such a kick out of seeing these ideas materialize right before my eyes.  Sometimes the result is exactly how I imagined, and other times it’s so much better! Then of course, there are the duds that need revisiting and revamping until there is a WOW to them that pronounces them FINISHED!  Sometimes there is a quality that defines one’s work or play. I find that I am most meticulous and detail oriented when I am creating.

But now, here we go, back to work and my crafting energy has been zapped. I have, however, started the Summer countdown, at least mentally. There are all sorts of things to plan until then: birthday celebrations (smaller scale than parties) maybe a decent Valentine’s —a day of historical humdrum for years and years! An Anniversary of somewhat significance should conjure up some memorable event, place or outing. Summer Vacation!! My Summer crafting projects, some in the BRAINWORKS already.  I know it’s so important to live in the moment, and I find that they are just the stepping stones to what I am looking forward to in the future. Planning for something exciting keeps things moving along. I was counting down for Christmas and those December days doubled in speed and all its remnants are now packed away, SNAP, it’s over, just like that!

So here are some examples of unusual “crafts” that have kept me busy. They are certainly an excuse to be creative in a different field than what I normally would prefer, at least, they work as temporary motivators for me.

Special Dinner for my husband’s birthday:

Appetizers: Sharp Cheddar and Muenster Cheese (pronounced Moo-enster in the Outer Banks)
Bruschetta: 1 tomato, oil, vinegar, lime, salt, pepper, basil, parsley, garlic, sprinkle over and toss.
Caesar Salad, the boxed mix.

Filet Mignon seared and baked with 2 mushroom sauces on the side
(I didn’t care for either sauce myself)
one had a brandy base, the other a misc. Cabernet Reduction I threw together (literally)
Risotto (with Parmesan cheese, beef broth, leek) cooked in some of the bacon fat* 
Garnished with bacon bits, *from real bacon (for texture) and scallions.
At work, which I rather NOT put in the blog,
a projection of what I rather be doing. (No I am not blond, LOL!)

Wishful Thinking….


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