Vacation in a Box

January 30th 2012
A Scrapbook, is a package deal really, the memories and the art, but I usually will “Shutterfly” a photo album with vacation pictures because I do like to look at those and document the trip. Plus, scrapbooking 200 pictures would take forever! But for a condensed version, I thought of selecting some “highlight” photos and scrapbook those. Well, that’s the idea at least, I do have the pictures… On a similar note, I did have an “a-ha” moment this summer after I found a shadow box large enough to encompass our last vacation –complete with shells, photos, tickets and ephemera (little papers that relate to the event or experience). I’m about to start that project any day now! Here are the materials:

Shadow box I found at a Home Goods store, it has that “worn,” beached look.
Scrapbook paper & accents, only purchased on sale or with coupons!
Photos of vacation highlights, I am partial to scenery!
“Ephemera” papers  and information about the vacation– and calendar cut outs.


Sea colored/patterned papers and real shells to mount pictures or something!
(this Linen Closet collection has great greens, blues and taupes for the soft look.)
 Stay tuned for finished product!

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