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Flashback to MEHC Workshop 2009

February 25th 2012
In 2009, Mary Engelbreit had her first Home Companion Workshop (Home Companion was her interior design magazine, not in publication at the present time) It was held in St. Louis because her Studio is there and a tour of her studio was part of the experience, definitely the part I liked best! It also included 4 craft classes, 2 seminars, a Q & A panel during lunch and a book signing! I never realized how exhausting crafting from 9 to 5 could be!  I hope this will motivate some of you to come with me this year for her Second MEHC workshop to be held on June 9 & 10th, 2012. The crafts are not about her or her art or anything like that, as you will see below, in case you non-fans wanted to know.

These are the two crafts we made in the class with Kathy Curotto. Award ribbons: I made for my kids since I was away from them for a few days, (which I recommend) so they would know I was thinking of them, and loved them and all that “sugary” stuff.

And this cute stuffed bird, mine is a rooster, can you tell?
It took me every last minute to finish. The beek is a drink umbrella!

We also made these Cuckoo clocks with Charlotte Lyons. I made mine
with love birds and deviated from the original potatoe stamping technique.
I had a brain blank during the class and went in 2 different directions, but my
original idea finally did materialize as I worked in the hotel room and later finished
it at home. I gave it to my husband for his office.
This next craft was therapeutic and the story behind it was interesting as well. 
Linda Solovic bought a ton of powder puffs in a garage sale once upon a time (dirt cheap I might add) and a craft was born! We had guide sheets for each puff design, again, I deviated from that, I guess to “wing it” and think as I go seems easier than to find piece a, b, c then go. I finished it in July, but it’s a very girly thing to hang in my pink closet.

Vacation in a Box Complete!

February 20th 2012
First of all, let me just say that even after seeing and handling the box almost everyday, moving it here and there around my Craft Corner area, I overestimated how much I could actually put inside it.

Secondly, in case you did not know, Sanibel is the Sea Shelling Capital of the world, not Cape Hatteras, so there goes the “shelled” paper idea. Since the box has a really nice “linen” type base through which you insert pins to hold the photos, ephemera etc.., I left the background as is. It serves as a nice contrast with the grey frame and other “cool colored” pics I added. As art would have it, omission is sometimes necessary. Some of the pictures never made it on there, partly because I didn’t want to cut them, I rather overlap.
The BIG picture.

The inaugural item for the shadow box was a doodle I worked on while I planned the vacation. Then I fiddled with the layout of the photos and figured out how to integrate a map of the area.  I thought this was imortant because we did quite a bit of traveling up and down the Outer Banks; then a Hurricane hit later that summer, and sliced through that, now familiar, strip of road. 

After much trial and rearranging, I finally had the layout how I wanted it, but I had to cut out the map. Apparently, I subconsciously arranged the pictures in order from North to South to show a glimpse of each area we visited. When I super imposed the map over the photos, it fell right into place, I was pleased. Being a stickler for details, I like for the documentation of a trip, such as this, to be as authentic as possible, it’s the librarian in me. : )
A doodle, of the forthcoming vacation rendered last spring at a faculty meeting.


Wild horses on the beach, DO NOT DISTURB or you’ll be fined!
Cape Hatteras light house, view of Pamlico sound, from the balcony.

Here is the map that runs through it, pretty much aligns with the location
 of the photos, except the horses, I had to hand write that town
as it was on the very northern tip of the island.

These are famous wooden fences, their purpose is to trap the constantly shifting 
sand to preserve the dunes and prevent beach erosion.

One of many boardwalks along the highway for beach goers,
and kite boarders. Swim at your own risk: no Life guards,
lots of wind and wild surf.  Brrr, that water is cold!

An amazing ocean view from an empty lot on Ocracoke Island,
which we explored by golf cart. This island was home to BlackBeard the Pirate.
Once that was finished, I added some color with “beachy” embellishments and a thought reading from top to bottom, can you read it? It says “We are Blessed,”  and we are.  My favorite part is the mounted illustration at the bottom by Mary Engelbreit, and the quote “Sounds of the wind, and sounds of the sea, make me happy just to be.” By June Polus.  That really should be my motto, mantra and motivation in life!

Just for your information, below is the footprint left on the Outer Banks by Hurricane Irene, 2011. the Outer Banks usually has the Sound on one side and the Atlantic on the other, you will notice however that there is water all across the land thanks to Mother Nature.

Blogging: A Strange New World

February 10th 2012
Some of my friends were just introduced to this whole blogging concept when I sent them the link to my blog. And how do you explain it? Well, a blog is a place where people share, much like a journal, about something they really enjoy doing and connect with others who share their passion, or just really like how they write about it. 🙂 While blogging may seem frivolous, it’s a great window of opportunity for learning, connecting, growing and sharing with a whole world of people who have something in common with you.
Part of blogging success is visiting and reading the blogs of those that share some of the same passions as you and participating in their blog. For example, my pleasure is arts and crafts, and in that there is a micro-world of possibilities. So I have to dedicate time to see what people are blogging about quilts, crafts, Christmas (and all that encompasses), painting, decoupage, stamping, etc…  It’s something I really have to schedule or how else can other great bloggers pop over to my little blog? And I have to say that the few bloggers that I have interacted with seem like really nice people. Jodie from Ric Rac for example. They answer my questions, reply to my emails and share generously their ideas, their successes and their bloopers. In so many blogs and articles that I have read, the authors express exactly how I feel regarding letting our creative cats out of the bag. We just want to, have to, do it, talk about it, and share it. Here are some of the blogs that I have popped on over to see lately, for no apparent reason other than something caught my eye. And that’s where it all starts! And of course, each of those blogs link to other blogs they visit and so on, and so on….

 I don’t know why I love that red and white combination, but did you know they have historical significance.? I saw these lovely squares on

Pretty By Hand

This is the banner on another blog; I like to visit just to look at it, so neat and tidy.

When I grow up I want to make a quilt like that! I haven’t tried triangles yet, but I sure want to!

My father's treasures.I used to collect stuff like this and the clutter free or Feng Shui people seemed to frown at it. It’s your whole life in trinkets. What a great memory exercise!
This great treasure is from this blog
her Ocala post.

OMG! Look at those colors, the fabric-o-holic in me wants to break free…TIE HER UP!!!  This is the Ruby collection @ Fatquartershop.