Blogging: A Strange New World

February 10th 2012
Some of my friends were just introduced to this whole blogging concept when I sent them the link to my blog. And how do you explain it? Well, a blog is a place where people share, much like a journal, about something they really enjoy doing and connect with others who share their passion, or just really like how they write about it. 🙂 While blogging may seem frivolous, it’s a great window of opportunity for learning, connecting, growing and sharing with a whole world of people who have something in common with you.
Part of blogging success is visiting and reading the blogs of those that share some of the same passions as you and participating in their blog. For example, my pleasure is arts and crafts, and in that there is a micro-world of possibilities. So I have to dedicate time to see what people are blogging about quilts, crafts, Christmas (and all that encompasses), painting, decoupage, stamping, etc…  It’s something I really have to schedule or how else can other great bloggers pop over to my little blog? And I have to say that the few bloggers that I have interacted with seem like really nice people. Jodie from Ric Rac for example. They answer my questions, reply to my emails and share generously their ideas, their successes and their bloopers. In so many blogs and articles that I have read, the authors express exactly how I feel regarding letting our creative cats out of the bag. We just want to, have to, do it, talk about it, and share it. Here are some of the blogs that I have popped on over to see lately, for no apparent reason other than something caught my eye. And that’s where it all starts! And of course, each of those blogs link to other blogs they visit and so on, and so on….

 I don’t know why I love that red and white combination, but did you know they have historical significance.? I saw these lovely squares on

Pretty By Hand

This is the banner on another blog; I like to visit just to look at it, so neat and tidy.

When I grow up I want to make a quilt like that! I haven’t tried triangles yet, but I sure want to!

My father's treasures.I used to collect stuff like this and the clutter free or Feng Shui people seemed to frown at it. It’s your whole life in trinkets. What a great memory exercise!
This great treasure is from this blog
her Ocala post.

OMG! Look at those colors, the fabric-o-holic in me wants to break free…TIE HER UP!!!  This is the Ruby collection @ Fatquartershop.

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