Flashback to MEHC Workshop 2009

February 25th 2012
In 2009, Mary Engelbreit had her first Home Companion Workshop (Home Companion was her interior design magazine, not in publication at the present time) It was held in St. Louis because her Studio is there and a tour of her studio was part of the experience, definitely the part I liked best! It also included 4 craft classes, 2 seminars, a Q & A panel during lunch and a book signing! I never realized how exhausting crafting from 9 to 5 could be!  I hope this will motivate some of you to come with me this year for her Second MEHC workshop to be held on June 9 & 10th, 2012. The crafts are not about her or her art or anything like that, as you will see below, in case you non-fans wanted to know.

These are the two crafts we made in the class with Kathy Curotto. Award ribbons: I made for my kids since I was away from them for a few days, (which I recommend) so they would know I was thinking of them, and loved them and all that “sugary” stuff.

And this cute stuffed bird, mine is a rooster, can you tell?
It took me every last minute to finish. The beek is a drink umbrella!

We also made these Cuckoo clocks with Charlotte Lyons. I made mine
with love birds and deviated from the original potatoe stamping technique.
I had a brain blank during the class and went in 2 different directions, but my
original idea finally did materialize as I worked in the hotel room and later finished
it at home. I gave it to my husband for his office.
This next craft was therapeutic and the story behind it was interesting as well. 
Linda Solovic bought a ton of powder puffs in a garage sale once upon a time (dirt cheap I might add) and a craft was born! We had guide sheets for each puff design, again, I deviated from that, I guess to “wing it” and think as I go seems easier than to find piece a, b, c then go. I finished it in July, but it’s a very girly thing to hang in my pink closet.

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