Oh JOY! More Ornaments

February 14th 2012
Who says I can’t make an ornament for Valentine’s Day?
More Joy!

2 thoughts on “Oh JOY! More Ornaments

  1. Ailette

    Thanks again for the rest of the “Joy” ornaments! I loved every single one! Yes, I know you know that I loved the “LOVE” one above too! Yet I LOVED the joy ornaments….I have always!!!!!! Don’t tarry though…I can wait ’til my anniversary for the LOVE one…LOL!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Elaine! You are making my world a joyous place! Thank you, thank you for all the JOY you are sending my way! YAY! Needed that! (Anniversary date: May 25th!)(In case you forget, hint…hint…)


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