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Baby Scrapbook Do-Over

February 2nd 2012
I am sure I will kick myself later for even attempting this but….. When my son was born I started a scrapbook. (you too huh?) Well, it was just before he was born, you know the shower, all the cards and cute little outfits. Never finished…. (you too huh?) Then my daughter was born, not even a calendar of events for her, we just say her first words were a complete sentence and first steps were a sprint across the living room. (you too huh?) 

But seriously…. I just thought given the look of this scrapbook, that I would just consolidate precious newly born “ephemera” some cards and choice photos and call it a day.  Look at what I have to fix!!! I am embarassed to even show it!! 

So without too much hoop-la, it should be doable. I like the clear page sleeves they have now and I can use page protectors for hospital documents and a few clearance items cardstock and paper in pink and blue should work just fine. 
On second thought……