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Dr. Seuss Mini Quilt, the Cat in the Hat

March 27th 2012
I have had an itch to quilt lately and with all the “book” fabric I have, I thought I would start with Dr. Seuss.  And just so you know, I hate taking pictures of this project in process, simply because I am too anxious to finish it, so here is the finished product with close up of details, enjoy!

The Plan

The purpose


The finished product
(I know, I need Photoshop to edit pictures)

The Details:

Quilted twirls around the sides.

Quilted Spiral on the corners.

Shadow quilting of the Dr. Seuss hat in the center.
This hat came from a panel that has about 8 different Dr. Seuss motifs.
More of these to come soon, I am sure.

Confessions of a Fabric-o-holic

March 18th 2012
Ten,  Eleven, Twelve reasons why I should buy more Fabric:
1. To build my current stash 
2. Here today, gone tomorrow. Fabric is like those cute sandals you
 wanted last summer but didn’t buy… 
3. Support fellow crafters and designers of fabric

4. It’s fat free, great for the crafty diet

5. It’s another way to stimulate the economy

6. Preparedness is key (have everything you need for
when you finally get around to doing a project)

7. To reward myself, I deserve it!
8. It’s something I can post on my blog
9. Shopping and organizing are both stress busters
10. I have coupons!
 11. Preserve and participate in the historical past time of Quilting

12. Provides low-cost entertainment

Injured on the Blog

March 1st 2012
Believe it or not, and this is not Ripley’s, I have injured my back and other blog pertinent appendages due to extended poor posture while engaging in continuous crafting for/and/or posting on the blog!! Remember the bone song? Yes, well something like that, one thing led to the other and now I need to get these parts straightened and repaired!

So part of the problem is the chair. I am too short to reach the back, ouch. The Craft Corner area is 2 inches too high, the cabinet maker told me to make it 28 inches, I said “no thanks, I don’t want to change the drawer design.” Easy solution, I raise the chair –but then my feet can’t reach the floor, yikes! The bottom line is I am ergonomically challenged! Resolution? I need to find a new chair that goes up highter and/or get a back cushion and a foot rest. So if there is a lack of new posts in the upcoming days or weeks, you’ll know why.  It’s become very uncomfortable to sit and craft or blog with my current UN-ergonomic apparatus and current soreness.
By the time you read this, I will have been in physical therapy about 3-4 weeks, the good kind of pain. So I hope with my new sitting accessories and the permission of the therapist, I will be back to crafting and blogging very soon. I have since, also removed all arm rests to prevent “leaning” into the wrong position at any given time. Apparently I do this everywhere, even in the car, work, computer, desk, dinner, it’s really an awful habit!