Confessions of a Fabric-o-holic

March 18th 2012
Ten,  Eleven, Twelve reasons why I should buy more Fabric:
1. To build my current stash 
2. Here today, gone tomorrow. Fabric is like those cute sandals you
 wanted last summer but didn’t buy… 
3. Support fellow crafters and designers of fabric

4. It’s fat free, great for the crafty diet

5. It’s another way to stimulate the economy

6. Preparedness is key (have everything you need for
when you finally get around to doing a project)

7. To reward myself, I deserve it!
8. It’s something I can post on my blog
9. Shopping and organizing are both stress busters
10. I have coupons!
 11. Preserve and participate in the historical past time of Quilting

12. Provides low-cost entertainment

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