Dr. Seuss Mini Quilt, the Cat in the Hat

March 27th 2012
I have had an itch to quilt lately and with all the “book” fabric I have, I thought I would start with Dr. Seuss.  And just so you know, I hate taking pictures of this project in process, simply because I am too anxious to finish it, so here is the finished product with close up of details, enjoy!

The Plan

The purpose


The finished product
(I know, I need Photoshop to edit pictures)

The Details:

Quilted twirls around the sides.

Quilted Spiral on the corners.

Shadow quilting of the Dr. Seuss hat in the center.
This hat came from a panel that has about 8 different Dr. Seuss motifs.
More of these to come soon, I am sure.

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