Injured on the Blog

March 1st 2012
Believe it or not, and this is not Ripley’s, I have injured my back and other blog pertinent appendages due to extended poor posture while engaging in continuous crafting for/and/or posting on the blog!! Remember the bone song? Yes, well something like that, one thing led to the other and now I need to get these parts straightened and repaired!

So part of the problem is the chair. I am too short to reach the back, ouch. The Craft Corner area is 2 inches too high, the cabinet maker told me to make it 28 inches, I said “no thanks, I don’t want to change the drawer design.” Easy solution, I raise the chair –but then my feet can’t reach the floor, yikes! The bottom line is I am ergonomically challenged! Resolution? I need to find a new chair that goes up highter and/or get a back cushion and a foot rest. So if there is a lack of new posts in the upcoming days or weeks, you’ll know why.  It’s become very uncomfortable to sit and craft or blog with my current UN-ergonomic apparatus and current soreness.
By the time you read this, I will have been in physical therapy about 3-4 weeks, the good kind of pain. So I hope with my new sitting accessories and the permission of the therapist, I will be back to crafting and blogging very soon. I have since, also removed all arm rests to prevent “leaning” into the wrong position at any given time. Apparently I do this everywhere, even in the car, work, computer, desk, dinner, it’s really an awful habit!

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