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April 26th 2012
In Celebration of Earth Day here is a recycling project with left over paper scraps and ribbons.

Cardstock/patterned paper
Glue stick
fancy scissors.

Art Imitating Vacation Moments

April 21st 2012
After running out of ideas, NOT! Here are some bulletin boards I made based on photos I took.
Now, don’t think, for a moment, that I staged these pictures! Those birds just came and landed there after we admired the rock sitting their plainly.
Birds on a Rock
And this umbrella? Well, it’s not even ours! We came out for the sunset, and there it was flapping in the wind trying to get away before the storm approached. Sigh…..I love watching a stormy sea. But only when I am on dry land with concrete shelter nearby, perhaps watching from the window?
Stormy Umbrella

"To OWL a Good Night" Part 2

April 17th 2012
REMINDER:  I got this pattern from a magazine, see first post.

The Owl quilt update: As I was engrossed in cutting, assembling and sewing, I was also thoroughly enjoying myself in the piecing part of the quilting process; the time passed rather quickly. What’s more, it was great for the crafty diet! I skipped dinner one evening and lunch the next day. A snack here or there or cereal and milk did the trick. Here is the general layout:

All pieces sewn together and ironed on.

Close up of owl before Applique stitching.

Close up of owl applique “satin” stitch around
all the edges, see the difference?
Zoom on the face.
Quilted, bound and finished! 
(It turned out a little lumpier than I would have liked.)

Quilted design mirrors fabric in window panes.
The rest of the quilt is quilted like this: below
This is how the back looks.
And way below in the corner is a personal label.
I’d like for the label to look more “sewn” but for now, that’s what I have.

I hope she likes it!!!


April 12th 2012
Generosity: 1. Readiness or liberality in giving. 2. Freedom from meanness or smallness of mind or character. 3. Largeness or fullness; amplitude.
This word, and what it means, has been on my mind lately. I have come to the conclusion that this is something that comes from the heart. It’s almost like a reflex for some people, it is part of their nature, and it may likely be part of their happiness.

Have you ever read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein?

My dad has always been generous even though he has never been a rich man. He is generous with his laughter, his pocket, his service, his honesty, his tools. To be generous is to have a big heart. It is showing kindness because it’s the right thing to do. One can be generous in words, actions, thoughts, gifts, attitudes… I find that I am touched when people are generous.  It really tells a lot about who they are deep down.
Being generous can sting at times, hopefully, you also learn to whom to be generous with. How you receive generosity is important too. “Thank you” is a good start. 
A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

"To OWL a Good Night" Part 1

April 9th 2012

This is the latest “special interest” magazine that the makers of American Patchwork & Quilting have put out. I LOVE IT!! It’s ideal because it’s chock full of small one day or one weekend projects that do not overwhelm! It’s actually like a compilation of what appears in Quilts & More which comes out 4 times a year. One of these projects is definitely memorable because I thought is was so cute and looked easy enough to make but I didn’t know anyone who loved owls.

Well, on Thursday I was talking to friend at work, who is a great supporter and motivator for me and my crafty inclinations. She brought me a catalog full of things she thought I could make. LOL! She always encourages me with words like “When you start your own business…” and I say from her mouth to God’s ears!  As it turns out, guess who loves owls?

After looking in my fabric stash I had all the right colors!
 (see it pays to be prepared) So, I got busy!
More on that very soon!!