Art Imitating Vacation Moments

April 21st 2012
After running out of ideas, NOT! Here are some bulletin boards I made based on photos I took.
Now, don’t think, for a moment, that I staged these pictures! Those birds just came and landed there after we admired the rock sitting their plainly.
Birds on a Rock
And this umbrella? Well, it’s not even ours! We came out for the sunset, and there it was flapping in the wind trying to get away before the storm approached. Sigh…..I love watching a stormy sea. But only when I am on dry land with concrete shelter nearby, perhaps watching from the window?
Stormy Umbrella

2 thoughts on “Art Imitating Vacation Moments

  1. Anonymous

    the birds look nice in beige and brown. this time it was better to complement than to contrast. >^..^<


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