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Signs for Sighs: Inspirational Words

May 24th 2012

Plain and unfinished wooden sign with flimsy
black wire to be replaced by…
Hot pink craft wire and mini glass beads.

Crimper, wire and beads ready to go!
OK! Something is missing here! I was so enthralled painting that I have no pictures of that part of the process. Sorry! For the record, I used a clear acrylic base paint first, then applied 2 coats of light blue acrylic paint with minimal sanding between coats for some rough spots.
The pink letters are adhesive stickers. These can throw you off because people seem to think the pink letters spell something and they don’t, they are the first letters of each word. Read left to right…
part of Rom. 8:28 “All Things Work Together For Good”

This Mother’s, Day After

May 15th 2012
After much serving and eating and drinking. Some merry making and lots of cleaning. My idea of Mother’s Day is to be still and quiet and left to my own devices. (Of which you only know about some) So I did just that, and look what I made.

My pattern, a Summercrafter Design

Reminder of Fabric selection. The last one is the border, you can’t really tell below.

The Block Idea
Block Design

Block Formation

Added Border

Raw edge detail, this is supposed to unravel in the wash and look “fuzzy” like lamb’s wool.

Once I finish the quilt, add the batting, backing, quilt it and bind it. I will throw it in the wash ( I have always wondered how my quilts survive the washer) and see how the little lamb turns out. I have read about this technique so I’m giving it a try. As of now, there is no recipient for this quilt yet…

My Mind is Racing!

May 10th 2012
I just wanted to let you know that I am not a Dr. Seuss fan. I do not hoot and holler on his birthday. I do not ramble on about Green Eggs and Ham (Ok, maybe I have chanted “I will not eat them Sam I am” on occasion) I was not aware of the global implications of The Lorax or The Sneetches. And the shenanigans of The Cat in the Hat? Well, I could do without;  nevertheless, I absolutely love all the POW and PUNCH of colors in these Dr. Seuss fabrics! It’s so fun to mix and match these weird & wacky patterns and the larger the cut, the more you appreciate the design. I have two new quilt patterns (of my own) drawn with dimensions and I can’t wait to make them so you could see!

And check out these colors below. Whew! I have had these for the longest time, except that last one on the right. I just happened to pick that one up when I purchased the batting, I couldn’t resist of course. The plans for this one are for a baby quilt with a lamb (using a new technique)  for those bored with pink. I would share the pattern but… I rather just show you the final product. I haven’t had a chance to cut the pieces either. But rest assured they are practically done in my brain. Even with a migraine I cannot stop the ideas from bouncing around!

Summercrafter Destinations 2

May 7th 2012
The funny thing about taking pictures, is that no one else knows about them. I mean they don’t know how they are born, or planned, or captured at just the right moment or if they are completely spontaneous, like this one.  They are really all about me and my life, and what I cherish and what I love to reflect on. These moments in time really encompass what I find to be meaningful and/or beautiful. 

I always joke that I am hardly in any pictures (and it’s true) but look at this one, I am still the one looking out at this scene and now I share it with you.

“These are a few of my favorite things”  Clearwater, FL

Psalm 19:1
The heavens declare the glory of God;
and the firmament showeth His handiwork.