My Mind is Racing!

May 10th 2012
I just wanted to let you know that I am not a Dr. Seuss fan. I do not hoot and holler on his birthday. I do not ramble on about Green Eggs and Ham (Ok, maybe I have chanted “I will not eat them Sam I am” on occasion) I was not aware of the global implications of The Lorax or The Sneetches. And the shenanigans of The Cat in the Hat? Well, I could do without;  nevertheless, I absolutely love all the POW and PUNCH of colors in these Dr. Seuss fabrics! It’s so fun to mix and match these weird & wacky patterns and the larger the cut, the more you appreciate the design. I have two new quilt patterns (of my own) drawn with dimensions and I can’t wait to make them so you could see!

And check out these colors below. Whew! I have had these for the longest time, except that last one on the right. I just happened to pick that one up when I purchased the batting, I couldn’t resist of course. The plans for this one are for a baby quilt with a lamb (using a new technique)  for those bored with pink. I would share the pattern but… I rather just show you the final product. I haven’t had a chance to cut the pieces either. But rest assured they are practically done in my brain. Even with a migraine I cannot stop the ideas from bouncing around!

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