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Perpetual Mundanity (is that a word?) Yes, it is.

May 1st 2012
As I have been reading and learning about left and right “brainedness” (not a real word) it’s clear that I am a right brain thinker, my dominant way of thinking is in the abstract. This is not bad as I see things as a whole, I see the big picture, I can think of things out of thin air, we creative types are right brained. The things or skills that you do naturally, those that come easily to you, those are your strengths and they determine which is the dominant side of your brain.

But I also have left brain tendencies, I like organization (but don’t look for it during the task), I read instruction manuals for gadgets and on how to build things, I love details. But I am a terrible planner (unless it’s a vacation). There is much to be desired for keeping schedules, I lose track of time, which is why I am mostly late everywhere, and when I get an idea about a direction or goals, then I am paralyzed by fear of not knowing how to get to the desired end (except for crafty projects!) Interestingly enough, by working on your weak side, you strengthen your strong side.

Why do I preface with this explanation?  Because I am trying to work on my weak skills; I am trying to set goals and stick to schedules, be on time etc… Part of the problem, as my friend so accurately diagnosed, is I am defiant with myself! Hence the problem with plans and schedules and certain disciplines. But I digress…Goal setting is almost impossible when your life is full of perpetual mundanity! Perpetual: it goes on and on, every day the same thing. Mundane: boring day to day tasks that are necessary but not fun. Examples: laundry, dishes, ironing,homework.  You can see that as a right brain, creative type, this type of “in the box and can’t get out” duties, drive me crazy!

I enjoy being creative and that involves doing something new, or in a new way, or trying a technique I have never done before. That’s why crafting is great, I get a new idea, it’s bouncing around my head until I do it and BAM! Once it’s out, I think of something else.  I also enjoy going somewhere I’ve never been and enjoying different scenery —and any quilt shops or craft shows they have in town.

So I enjoy change… and I am ready for one! One thing that I have no desire in changing? That would be, my husband! : )