This Mother’s, Day After

May 15th 2012
After much serving and eating and drinking. Some merry making and lots of cleaning. My idea of Mother’s Day is to be still and quiet and left to my own devices. (Of which you only know about some) So I did just that, and look what I made.

My pattern, a Summercrafter Design

Reminder of Fabric selection. The last one is the border, you can’t really tell below.

The Block Idea
Block Design

Block Formation

Added Border

Raw edge detail, this is supposed to unravel in the wash and look “fuzzy” like lamb’s wool.

Once I finish the quilt, add the batting, backing, quilt it and bind it. I will throw it in the wash ( I have always wondered how my quilts survive the washer) and see how the little lamb turns out. I have read about this technique so I’m giving it a try. As of now, there is no recipient for this quilt yet…

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