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Travel Tips: Keep it Simple!

June 29th 2012

Main St. Trolley Memphis, Tennessee

1. Don’t complicate yourself with jewelry! Wear something generic that you don’t have to take off or put on. Keeps things from getting lost and adding 2 minutes in the morning before you head out.

2. Hair: Children and yours. Bows are nice but ponytails and headbands are fast and easy.

3. Outfits: We are not trying to look cuter than a stranger. I found shirts I like and bought them in a few colors. Keeps the tanline the same and I am happy and comfortable.

4. Shoes: I throw all of them (belonging to everyone) in a separate duffle, that way if I want to take a cute sandals, flip flops and sneakers, I don’t hog all the suitcase space.

Candy jars from Diana’s Sweet Shoppe, Nashville, TN

5. Go ahead buy the kids their own pocket size toothpaste, the peace will be worth the 97 cents!

6. Encourage kids to take souvenir money for the ones you think are not worth it.

7.  Make sure your camera has a timer so you can be in some of your own vacation pictures.

Elvis Presley Blvd. (in motion)

8. Make a list of the bags your are taking when you leave the house, and keep checking it whenever you check out of a hotel.

9. NEW THIS YEAR: I created a table with hotel information when booking so I have a breakdown of breakfast, cancellation policy, rate, confirmation numbers, addresses, etc… So everything is conveniently located in one place.

10.NEW THIS YEAR. I pre-programmed the car GPS (by city & state) with all the hotels and attractions so I just have to search previous destination (refer to list mentioned before to mark correct hotel address) for the next stop.

Horse Gear, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky

Healthy Kids and Summer Plans

June 14th 2012
So much for planning all my crafting, quilting and other project ideas….
Here is how those are going..

Impromptu decorated thumb tacs: white paint, velum stickers.

Quilting safety pins? check!

Backing fabric (reversed) check!

Batting and Quilt top, ready to go… check!
But then, the flu….
The odd occurence at my house is the children are bad patients!
  1. They don’t know how to act when they don’t feel well.
  2. It’s next to impossible to get them to drink Gatorade.
  3. Lying in bed all day is foreign to them.
  4. They are puzzled if just for one day they don’t wash their hair.
  5. They think they’ll have a cold/fever/flu the whole summer.
  6. They don’t want chicken soup!
  7. They are worried they haven’t eaten all day.
  8. They won’t watch TV.
  9. They wonder why they have taken so many naps.
  10. They won’t let me be a proper caretaker!

Am I the only one with this problem??

Thankfully they are on the downside and now it’s catching me!

    Just a little something I whipped up!

    June 11th 2012
    The end of the school year is such a hectic time for obvious reasons: Cleaning up, picking up, inventory, throwing out, getting teacher gifts, then the kids are home the rest of the summer! LOL!

    I always like to craft something for some special people but inevitably, the end of the year sneaks up on me and before you know it, the last day arrives and I am empty handed! Yes sure, I have made some gifts during the year but some new babies were born into families at the workplace and that’s a perfect excuse to stay up into the wee hours of the night and make a little something for the munchkins…(girls seem to be the trend now)

    Now, this is why I always say to be prepared for any opportunity or necessity, to craft. It was such a head start to have the 3 inch squares already pre-cut.

    First I combined and matched pieces to make a 5 inch square (roughly)

    Shame on me! I didn’t iron them before the picture….sorry!!

    Then I have to choose which one I will use and for whom it will be.
    Playing around with them always yields the eventual “AHA!”
    So here is what I made them, something they can show off to the tooth fairy!

    I am glad to report that the recipients were pleased. : )

    Never too late to learn!

    June 7th 2012
    Just wanted to send a little post to let you know that the new badge on the blog (see right) is for the new blogging class I am taking.  I am so excited. It’s with Holly Becker  (Interior Design extraordinaire!!)and friends.  Click below and it will take you right there.
    Educate Yourself!
    I hope to learn new tricks to improve the blog and “get out there” more. Life is about learning and growing. We can’t expect to stay in our own little bubble, try to figure stuff out and maybe or maybe not, things will work out, now can we?
    So don’t be scared friends. Face your fears, step out in faith and take a chance!  Take a class just for fun on something you like and are interested in or maybe something that is “out of the box” for you. It will open a world of new people and experiences and it will make your life richer, what could be better?