Healthy Kids and Summer Plans

June 14th 2012
So much for planning all my crafting, quilting and other project ideas….
Here is how those are going..

Impromptu decorated thumb tacs: white paint, velum stickers.

Quilting safety pins? check!

Backing fabric (reversed) check!

Batting and Quilt top, ready to go… check!
But then, the flu….
The odd occurence at my house is the children are bad patients!
  1. They don’t know how to act when they don’t feel well.
  2. It’s next to impossible to get them to drink Gatorade.
  3. Lying in bed all day is foreign to them.
  4. They are puzzled if just for one day they don’t wash their hair.
  5. They think they’ll have a cold/fever/flu the whole summer.
  6. They don’t want chicken soup!
  7. They are worried they haven’t eaten all day.
  8. They won’t watch TV.
  9. They wonder why they have taken so many naps.
  10. They won’t let me be a proper caretaker!

Am I the only one with this problem??

Thankfully they are on the downside and now it’s catching me!

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