Just a little something I whipped up!

June 11th 2012
The end of the school year is such a hectic time for obvious reasons: Cleaning up, picking up, inventory, throwing out, getting teacher gifts, then the kids are home the rest of the summer! LOL!

I always like to craft something for some special people but inevitably, the end of the year sneaks up on me and before you know it, the last day arrives and I am empty handed! Yes sure, I have made some gifts during the year but some new babies were born into families at the workplace and that’s a perfect excuse to stay up into the wee hours of the night and make a little something for the munchkins…(girls seem to be the trend now)

Now, this is why I always say to be prepared for any opportunity or necessity, to craft. It was such a head start to have the 3 inch squares already pre-cut.

First I combined and matched pieces to make a 5 inch square (roughly)

Shame on me! I didn’t iron them before the picture….sorry!!

Then I have to choose which one I will use and for whom it will be.
Playing around with them always yields the eventual “AHA!”
So here is what I made them, something they can show off to the tooth fairy!

I am glad to report that the recipients were pleased. : )

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