Never too late to learn!

June 7th 2012
Just wanted to send a little post to let you know that the new badge on the blog (see right) is for the new blogging class I am taking.  I am so excited. It’s with Holly Becker  (Interior Design extraordinaire!!)and friends.  Click below and it will take you right there.
Educate Yourself!
I hope to learn new tricks to improve the blog and “get out there” more. Life is about learning and growing. We can’t expect to stay in our own little bubble, try to figure stuff out and maybe or maybe not, things will work out, now can we?
So don’t be scared friends. Face your fears, step out in faith and take a chance!  Take a class just for fun on something you like and are interested in or maybe something that is “out of the box” for you. It will open a world of new people and experiences and it will make your life richer, what could be better?

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