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Itty Bitty Signs

June 5th 2012
Why Itty Bitty Signs? Well, they are quick and painting them is relaxing.  And they make great gifts and can be quite inspirational!

Craft Wire for the handles/hangers.

I do start off with a plan, believe it or not; phrases, ideas, people… But somehow, during the creative process the plans go out the window! These are the ones I am still working on ( I needed more supplies).

Back to Summer Crafting

June 1st 2012
This Summer I am planning 2 or 3 mini quilts (maybe more!): A Hannukah runner, Vintage 1930’s prints in tiny squares with white, and more Dr. Seuss mini quilts that are great for a classroom libraries! And with the scraps I can make placemats for the kids! And I am so excited to get started with all the new fabric!   If I work on a schedule, 1 per week should be doable. I find that the more I do, the easier it seems to get. Time is what I am lacking though, but with just a few days of school left,  that problem may be solved soon enough.

Then I also have some cross stitch that has long since been forgotten…. I’ll probably take that on the road.

There are all those Christmas crafts I bought supplies for….what about all the magazines filled with post its?  Did I mention scheduling some craft dates with friends?  Aaah, the options are endless!

I may craft my way through a book just to exercise left brain functions and not bounce around so much. That will give me a goal to work towards. Hey, maybe I’ll start a small business, get onto Etsy. Or get on Facebook (long since overdue) and Pinterest. Maybe take some classes…

And I can’t forget the sled!!!