Travel Tips: Keep it Simple!

June 29th 2012

Main St. Trolley Memphis, Tennessee

1. Don’t complicate yourself with jewelry! Wear something generic that you don’t have to take off or put on. Keeps things from getting lost and adding 2 minutes in the morning before you head out.

2. Hair: Children and yours. Bows are nice but ponytails and headbands are fast and easy.

3. Outfits: We are not trying to look cuter than a stranger. I found shirts I like and bought them in a few colors. Keeps the tanline the same and I am happy and comfortable.

4. Shoes: I throw all of them (belonging to everyone) in a separate duffle, that way if I want to take a cute sandals, flip flops and sneakers, I don’t hog all the suitcase space.

Candy jars from Diana’s Sweet Shoppe, Nashville, TN

5. Go ahead buy the kids their own pocket size toothpaste, the peace will be worth the 97 cents!

6. Encourage kids to take souvenir money for the ones you think are not worth it.

7.  Make sure your camera has a timer so you can be in some of your own vacation pictures.

Elvis Presley Blvd. (in motion)

8. Make a list of the bags your are taking when you leave the house, and keep checking it whenever you check out of a hotel.

9. NEW THIS YEAR: I created a table with hotel information when booking so I have a breakdown of breakfast, cancellation policy, rate, confirmation numbers, addresses, etc… So everything is conveniently located in one place.

10.NEW THIS YEAR. I pre-programmed the car GPS (by city & state) with all the hotels and attractions so I just have to search previous destination (refer to list mentioned before to mark correct hotel address) for the next stop.

Horse Gear, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky

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