Little Lamb Quilt Finished

July 20th 2012
Sorry this took so long to finish. But now with summer here it’s  “On your mark, get set, CRAFT!” is easier said than done!

I am glad I had some batting stashed away for the “sandwich” part or I would have had to wait longer!  I did debate about the quilting design, I knew the lamb would be “loopy” but I was not sure about the blocks. Either I mimicked the fabric (stripes or flowers) or did something uniform throughout. So you see, sometimes the “mental” part of quilting is more complicated than the “hands-on.” Another deliberate delay in finishing the binding is that I am in the middle of ordering labels for

my stuff and I really wanted to put a   “Summercrafter label on it. But it’s a process and I must move on in my quilting and crafting!! But keep an eye out, my labels will be here soon.

 To refresh your memory, here is how it started.
Here it is going into the wash. 

Washing it was a big deal for me because: 1) This will tell  how well put together it is.

2) It will give it a softer feel. 3) I will see if the little lamb looks fuzzy!

And here is how it turned out!

Here is the quilting close up.

 Here I tried to shadow the flower shape, see the stitching?

And here is how the ‘unraveling’ of the little lamb turned out,
plus his coat is quilted in loops.
Below is the before picture, neat huh?

Here is the overall look… yes, I just realized the head and legs are too small and he’s misisng a tail and an ear, sorry about that! But the raw edge technique worked, woohoo!!
So how do you like how it turned out?

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