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New Love……

July 13th 2012
Confessions of a Fabric-o-holic:  Whoops, I did it again, I keep buying fabric as if it will be extinct tomorrow!!  Oh the joys of receiving a beautifully wrapped box of brand new, smooth, crisp fabric. I am especially endeared with the FQ shop as they package things so nicely! I also bought some in this little quilt shop on vacation called Q.
Fabric stash of favorites

But my new found crush in fabrics is by Bonnie and Camille,  mother and daughter team.  I just absolutely love everything about their fabric. The colors, the patterns, the graphics, sigh! I even have lost sleep over it, how’s that for a real crush?  I have so many plans and designs for these, I can’t wait to get started. For the record, this is one of the very few fabrics that I have purchased more than 2 yards of, like 3 and 5 yards, this is serious people! 

My heart belongs to Bonnie & Camille
So here is the close up of my Bonnie and Camille section in the fabric stash. I was very happy to make room for them.  For the record, these fabrics are from the Ruby and Vintage Modern collection. Coming up next is Marmalade, with orange.  What’s your new crush, fabric or not? Do tell!

Sand Dollars…

July 9th 2012
I originally bought this fabric planning for a “beach room” (more on that later!) Unfortunately, the true color is not showing. It’s a teal, (more green than blue), dark and light with an occasional white sand dollar.

I cut it up in pretty 2 1/2 inch squares, thinking the white would offset it. The white is muslin. I thought it would give it more a “worn” or softer look.
Then I daisy chained it, that was fun!
Then I sewed all the squares together, I had never done that! Now what do I do?

I didn’t plan out a whole quilt, I got carried away putting the squares together…. maybe I’ll just make a table topper?

How about some pillows?

July 4th 2012
I always say it pays to be prepared! Buy pillow forms when they are 50% off or bogo, eventually you’ll (I’ll) need them. So go ahead, get that fabric that calls out your name, soon enough they’ll be an occasion to use it.

Well people, my preparation has paid off and the whole sewing process happened without a hitch, which is not usually the case. Today the new sofas arrived!! They are EXPRESSO, very nice, comfy but dark.

Solution? Pillows! I had thought of using this colorful flower pattern with brown hummingbirds to add some life.

My husband thought something more formal would be better since the other room was more casual. So I opted for this medallion type fabric, this pillow below was already done.

Then, looking for some coordinating fabric, I made this one and was blown away at how fabulous it came out…. it really looks all fancy and elegant. I feel like I should pay myself for a job well done, I was so happy with the result. LOL!

This one is 18 inches square.
The design is off white with tan and inside the circles is light blue/aqua.

Here is the close up of the fabric.

 Then I got inspired and made this little one with the same family of fabric, I thought it would be a tight fit as I measured a wee bit too tight, but no one can tell!

This little one is 12 inches square.

The big one is my favorite but I get bored if they all look the same. So how does it look? Should I mix and match or try to keep the pillows uniform with the same pattern? The same fabric?  What?  Should I put different pillows on separate sofas?  I do not have a knack for decorating, help!

Why Blog?

July 2nd 2012
It’s been resurfacing in a way that is no longer resistable, this urge to create and be creative. As I look back on my life, talents, not fully appreciated by myself, have always been praised by those people around me. Whether it was my writing, my ideas, bulletin boards, school/college projects, crafts… the list goes on. It seems that if I completed anything with creative license, it was a success!  So as I enter mid-life, some may call it a crisis but in actuality I think it is my claim to freedom. I have given myself permission to go down a new path and fulfill my creative urges and “neglect not the gift that is in me” I Tim. 4:14, whatever that/they may be. So that is why I blog.

Blogging is a way for me to express my creativity through crafting, sewing, writing and any other means I choose. Blogging is a way to document this journey of  discovery as I experiment and create to my heart’s content.

I love to learn and try new things and techniques and this class by Holly Becker was a great experience. Some of the other excellent teachers were Jeanette Lund, Nicole Balch, Katrina Tan and of course, Thorsten genius tech support. This e-course has really brought out so many important points that really affirm why people find a connection in the blogging world.

For me,  I want to speak from the heart about things that I am passionate about. Initially, I just wanted to keep a record of what I make and how I write about it but connecting with other like minded bloggers is so rewarding. I like to post photos of how I see the world through pictures and sharing projects I make with all sorts of mediums and inadvertently, share reflections from life as it happens.  But reading other blogs from people who share the same passions and trials is a thread that ties together the human experience in all of us.  Holly mentioned how key it was, to be real, to speak from the heart and share about things that make us smile and experience joy and how our readers will pick up on this authenticity.  

Keeping a balance between work, home, family and blogging is no easy task, but it is possible, thanks Nicole!  Lists, schedules and a time to punch out are crucial to success.

Did you know there are e-magazines? Jeanette brought them to our attention. What a great place to put pictures of wonderful things and places and people and words! That opens up new options I hadn’t even thought of. I do have to give it lots of thought and put things in order but I am excited about doing that.

Wait until you see all the “bling” that Katrina shared. Cool graphics that we can add to pictures to jazz up the blog appearance but I have to read it over again and practice some more as my tech skills are behind the times. LOL!

The most important thing I have taken from this class, however,  is to be patient, don’t give up and always be true to yourself, your art, craft, passion or calling and to your readers! Keep your priorities straight, don’t sweat the small stuff and always have time for family, friends and relationships, that’s what life is about!

Thanks to this class, I hope to apply what I have learned and make this blog even better for me and for you, my devoted readers!