Quilting? they asked

July 22nd 2012
I have always been drawn to watercolor paintings and quilts. I like to look at them as a whole, and then I like to study the details.  Given my heritage, and where I have always lived, nothing could be more outlandish that the love of all American country quilts!  (Please take no offense.)  My parents are Cuban immigrants and we have always lived in South Florida. Quilts just don’t fit in that circle, at least none that I have seen.

So a few years ago, we went to Tennesee for summer vacation and I was once again, enamored with quilts. I would go into this shop (there were several)  and go straight to the back and where the quilts were hanging on pegs and touch everyone as I looked at the patterns, that’s when I first noticed the stitching and the quilting designs. Amazing.

The one I wanted was called Ferris Wheel by Donna Sharp and was a small fortune, there went that idea! I kept thinking about the quilt and my husband had so much faith in me, he said I could probably make that. So I pondered the thought. We came home and I started collecting books and studying the art/skill of quilting. Shortly thereafter I figured out that in order to make it myself, I would need the faith of Abraham, the patience of Job, the riches of Joseph and the endurance of Paul; since it was made up almost entirely of 1 inch triangles!

By December, I had found the quilt online (site no longer valid) at Mountain-Quilts.com for 40% off. Merry Christmas to me!!

But my fascination with quilts continued so I started small, with one 12 inch square in honor of MooMoo who will be featured in the next post.

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