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Put a Craft in it

August 31st 2012
A new work assignment as a classroom teacher has taken up all my brain juices even while I was “out of the craft room) so that I had no energy left for crafting or anything else for that matter. So to remedy the situation, I made this. A classroom is not complete until you put a craft in it!

Full view , about 14″ X 28″ in size

Bottom: Kids saying “Pick me”
Top: classic school stuff.

Colored pencils on the side
Back view with loops for hanging
So if you are a teacher leave a comment and say hi! Teachers are great craft aficionados!!
Yay Teachers!! And Nurses too, I hear : )

You can shop now!

August 25th 2012
So after much encouragement and insisting by friends, ok already!!  I have finally opened a shop.


 I would love to tell you it’s here, 

in a snow covered cottage,
or just around the bend in the woods,
or on a cliff overlooking the ocean;
Maybe even in the prettiest little town of Wiscassett, Maine,

or in a quaint little place like this…

But for now, my shop is on and the shop name is Summercrafter.  It’s just opened so there are only a few items listed.  Thanks for your patience…

Right now everything is made to order, personalized and custom made! But I will be adding more items soon.

I also added a Shop page to the blog see, up there!  I hope to get that looking more storelike with a cart and stuff soon. 

If there is anything you’d like me to add or you think should be there,  leave a comment or send me an email. And, if you are looking for something in particular, I just may have an idea on how to make it for you.  Happy Shopping and thanks for visiting!!


Raggedy Ann & Andy Teacher Sign (Revisited)

August 15th 2012
This sign is so cute. So to get us all ready for school which is coming up soon, I decided to put all the pictures on one post. Last time each letter was scattered over several posts.

Here is the story: I was assigned to co-teach in second grade with this spunky, fun and enthusiastic teacher. All the boys love her because she knows how to talk to a “little man.” And all the girls love her because she is some fashionista!! I learned a lot by watching how she runs her class and holds high expectations for the kids, we should all be so lucky to have our kids in a class like hers.

Anyhow, her class is dotted everywhere with Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, blocks, lamps, signs. So of course, since my mind is always reeling… I thought of making a sign for her with her name. Then as I was mulling it over, the R’s in her name suddenly formed themselves as these little rag dolls in my head. Here is how it all turned out, and how the rag dolls materialized.

A is for chalkboard

O is for Apple

Gingham and ribbon letter

M is for crayon

S is for Schoolhouse
N is for Notebook Paper

Base letters for Raggedy Ann & Andy

Rag doll head materials

Raggedy Ann & Andy faces

Raggedy Ann getting “fitted.” : )

Raggedy Ann’s apron.

Raggedy Ann’s blouse.
Here she is all dressed up!

Raggedy Andy in plain shirt ( I like him this way)

Raggedy Andy in plaid shirt (authentic)
Teacher Sign completed!
Ok now, raise your hand (make a comment) if you would like to have one of these with your name?

New Friend, New Craft!

August 11th 2012
We started going to a new church this summer, so the kids could understand and make the faith their own. They are really enjoying it and we are happy about that. The grown-ups are assimilating to the change also, I have made a new friend! And when her birthday came around, I couldn’t resist making her something.

Using ribbon was a quick way to get the “tabbed” look.

I love this fabric, (I already went out and got more for me!)
This project took about an hour or so, I think.  But I was pleased at how neat and tidy
it looks even from the back view.

I didn’t have anywhere to hang it so it would look pretty, a mop had to do.  ; )
I hope she likes it.