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Tooty Fruity

August 7th 2012
Well, I can’t very well quilt something for my dad and NOT make something for my mom. The reality is that her fabric was on backorder so I had to make his first! : )  Plus, since she has seen what I’ve made for friends at work, well, it was her turn now.

She was looking through this magazine at my house one day, which
is full of fabulous little projects, hence the name.
And she came across this project, although I will adapt it because she want’s a runner
not a mat and I may use a “broken dishes” pattern which are  half squares, instead of this
hour glass, they are very similar.
Here is the fabric: It was the Farmer’s Market Fruit medley of 6 fat quarters which is a good sampling and very affordable.  I got it from KeepsakeQuilting.
I got this fabric below for the backing from I thought it was a cute companion to the fruit, except it’s vegetables! But mom loves all things gardening, so I think it’ll be ok.

I cut the Fat Quarters into 6 inch squares, 

and then cut an “X” on the square to make these triangles. I did decide to do the hourglass pattern from the magazine instead of the half squares just to try something new. I do think, though, that a few potatoes or onions [in fabric] would probably tone down the rainbow effect of the fruits.

Putting it together is going faster than I anticipated, see?

Now, I’m sorry to say you’ll have to wait for the finished product in another post…

Merging of Ideas

August 3rd 2012
Here is a possible solution to the two decorating dilemmas I had.
The finished Sand Dollar table topper and the white table too pretty to put anything on.
Here they are in a marriage of sorts.

Maybe I’ll pick up some sea shells at the beach and put them in a shallow bowl…..