You can shop now!

August 25th 2012
So after much encouragement and insisting by friends, ok already!!  I have finally opened a shop.


 I would love to tell you it’s here, 

in a snow covered cottage,
or just around the bend in the woods,
or on a cliff overlooking the ocean;
Maybe even in the prettiest little town of Wiscassett, Maine,

or in a quaint little place like this…

But for now, my shop is on and the shop name is Summercrafter.  It’s just opened so there are only a few items listed.  Thanks for your patience…

Right now everything is made to order, personalized and custom made! But I will be adding more items soon.

I also added a Shop page to the blog see, up there!  I hope to get that looking more storelike with a cart and stuff soon. 

If there is anything you’d like me to add or you think should be there,  leave a comment or send me an email. And, if you are looking for something in particular, I just may have an idea on how to make it for you.  Happy Shopping and thanks for visiting!!


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