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I am soooooooo sorry!

September 29th 2012
What kind of a blogger am I? More than 10 days without a new post, idea or craft? Please accept my sincere apologies.  I hate to beat a dead horse, but I have a new full time job. Actually it’s more than full time as it also interferes with my other jobs of mom, wife, crafter, blogger, friend, artist and so many other duties, obligations, hobbies, joys and past times.

See the photo below? If I believed in omens, signs or wonders of this nature, I would have said “oh no!” when I saw this fallen little card in my craft corner. It says “Arts and crafts keep you sane” it has been behind something, over something, and/or on top of something. The worst part is, God knows how long ago it fell and I only just saw it.  Oddly, it is the perfect metaphor of what my life is like at the present time.  My arts and crafts and sanity, have indeed, all fallen by the wayside.


On another note, I feel so badly for people who have lost jobs in this economy. And I know some. It is really such a shame and what about all the college graduates that can’t find employment either, I know some of those too. It’s really difficult to wrap your mind around that.  However, life needs balance and right now, mine is lopsided. So I have mixed feelings about work right now, especially the kind that also takes up all of my spare time too.

In any case, here is an updated look at the Tooty Fruity Runner.

Mixing and NOT matching the fruit got out of hand.
So I assembled it without too much thought after a while.


Happy Birthday Summercrafter!!

September 17th 2012
Hi Everyone,

Today is the one year anniversary of my blog and its first post! I am so excited to have been doing this for a year, it’s a fun way to be accountable to myself to craft regularly and document my creative journey. I have also met some other great creative people along the way.  Thanks so much for all of you who have been there supporting and encouraging me and especially for those who have faithfully read my blog, that means a lot to me. : ) And for you newbies who came along later or just recently visited and/or joined THANKS to you too!  If not for the readers, where would blogs be?

To celebrate this occasion it is no coincidence that today, one of my projects is being featured on Quiltstory.  So click below, if you will,  and take a look and read a quilt story or two for yourself!

I hope you checked it out and enjoyed the many beautiful quilts and stories behind them on this great quilt blog. They have tons of great projects from all over and I am so honored and excited for this opportunity to also be featured with other quilters who are so amazing, thanks Heather & Megan!

And I Longingly Look..

September 8th 2012
As I sit at the computer typing away at the oddest hours, surely you must know by now that I am NOT uploading pictures, NOT creating new posts,  and NOT looking at other blogs.

Neither am I crafting or sewing or promoting and growing a new little craft business.

Instead, I longingly look at my Craft Corner which is neglected and alone, with papers, books and half made things tossed askew, wishing I could once again sit there and rummage through my stash and make something pretty. 


I remember the summer nights I stayed up planning a craft or a quilt or a little holiday gift; inventing or tweaking a project for salvaging photo cards or christmas cards or making things for friends and loved ones.

Now I stay up at night and rise early in the morning consumed by lesson plans and worksheets and ways to reach the students. While this sounds all noble and such, it really leaves me no time or energy to do what charges my battery, restores my joy and lifts my spirits.  So I wrestle with God, questioning and figuring… (useless of course because I know He’s working behind the scenes on my behalf) And in the meantime, He sends me messages and little notes and winks here and there to let me know He’s got me covered.

For one, my partner teacher is the sister of someone at our new church. Not a coincidence.

Second, a message (in 3 parts)  reminding me that God is in control and keeps all His promises, even the ones He has made to me, Trust in the Lord!

Then, I heard a little radio show, talking about the Greener Grass Conspiracy about contentment (ouch!)

And this morning a little devotional that in a nutshell says:

·       Receive what you do not comprehend
·       Submit to what you cannot understand
·       Accept and expect what to reason
  appears a mystery
·       Believe what looks impossible

            ·        Walk in the way you know not

                 ~Such are the first lessons in the

                       school of God.