And I Longingly Look..

September 8th 2012
As I sit at the computer typing away at the oddest hours, surely you must know by now that I am NOT uploading pictures, NOT creating new posts,  and NOT looking at other blogs.

Neither am I crafting or sewing or promoting and growing a new little craft business.

Instead, I longingly look at my Craft Corner which is neglected and alone, with papers, books and half made things tossed askew, wishing I could once again sit there and rummage through my stash and make something pretty. 


I remember the summer nights I stayed up planning a craft or a quilt or a little holiday gift; inventing or tweaking a project for salvaging photo cards or christmas cards or making things for friends and loved ones.

Now I stay up at night and rise early in the morning consumed by lesson plans and worksheets and ways to reach the students. While this sounds all noble and such, it really leaves me no time or energy to do what charges my battery, restores my joy and lifts my spirits.  So I wrestle with God, questioning and figuring… (useless of course because I know He’s working behind the scenes on my behalf) And in the meantime, He sends me messages and little notes and winks here and there to let me know He’s got me covered.

For one, my partner teacher is the sister of someone at our new church. Not a coincidence.

Second, a message (in 3 parts)  reminding me that God is in control and keeps all His promises, even the ones He has made to me, Trust in the Lord!

Then, I heard a little radio show, talking about the Greener Grass Conspiracy about contentment (ouch!)

And this morning a little devotional that in a nutshell says:

·       Receive what you do not comprehend
·       Submit to what you cannot understand
·       Accept and expect what to reason
  appears a mystery
·       Believe what looks impossible

            ·        Walk in the way you know not

                 ~Such are the first lessons in the

                       school of God.



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