I am soooooooo sorry!

September 29th 2012
What kind of a blogger am I? More than 10 days without a new post, idea or craft? Please accept my sincere apologies.  I hate to beat a dead horse, but I have a new full time job. Actually it’s more than full time as it also interferes with my other jobs of mom, wife, crafter, blogger, friend, artist and so many other duties, obligations, hobbies, joys and past times.

See the photo below? If I believed in omens, signs or wonders of this nature, I would have said “oh no!” when I saw this fallen little card in my craft corner. It says “Arts and crafts keep you sane” it has been behind something, over something, and/or on top of something. The worst part is, God knows how long ago it fell and I only just saw it.  Oddly, it is the perfect metaphor of what my life is like at the present time.  My arts and crafts and sanity, have indeed, all fallen by the wayside.


On another note, I feel so badly for people who have lost jobs in this economy. And I know some. It is really such a shame and what about all the college graduates that can’t find employment either, I know some of those too. It’s really difficult to wrap your mind around that.  However, life needs balance and right now, mine is lopsided. So I have mixed feelings about work right now, especially the kind that also takes up all of my spare time too.

In any case, here is an updated look at the Tooty Fruity Runner.

Mixing and NOT matching the fruit got out of hand.
So I assembled it without too much thought after a while.


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