Jar Lid Ornaments

October 23rd 2012
Jar lids come in all shapes, sizes. They are found on jars from spaghetti sauce, pimentos, pickles, salsa etc. Since they are so perfectly round, I thought they would be great for ornaments and crafts; so I started keeping them instead of throwing them away. I even have my students bringing them in for a seasonal craft.

It started when I decided to piggy back on a magazine idea for “repurposing” Christmas Card photos to give as mementos back to the families. But the possibilities are really endless; once I started working with them, new ideas keep coming and I haven’t preserved any Christmas Card photos yet.

And I guess great minds think alike because I also saw them used on the ornament girl blog, if you google it, ornament jar lids, you will get hers and a ton more! I just did it! See no idea is really new!! 

DISCLAIMER: I generally like to come up with my own crafts and use my own brain and devices. I  prefer not to copy and don’t use Pinterest to get ideas, what’s fun about that? I like to think of them myself! If I don’t, I will share the magazine or resource I saw them in, ok?! So whatever came up on google I just learned right now and got out right away!  As I said, there is nothing new under the sun, well actually Solomon said that in Ecclesiastes….



This is my first attempt. It is extremely simple, great for kids to do:
cardstock, stickers, ribbon and Modge Podge.
My other jar lids ideas coming very soon, and a guest crafter post too!
P.S. If you know me, and live near me : )  save a me a lid or two, ok?
We will be using them for a kids church craft in December.



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