Being Content

November 23rd 2012
Abstinence is the key. It’s much easier NOT to enter into temptation, than to resist it once you are there. This is a biblical truth that applies to all situations in life.  You can apply it to the Thanksgiving table with all its trimmings, (thanks for the abundance) to what will soon be sitting under the Christmas tree, or personal encounters that are better left unexplored, choose your battle.  Mine, this past week? Ribbons.


I’ll be darned if those colorful wound up satin strands don’t shout my name everytime I enter a craft store! And with all the discounts and coupons, hello 70% off?   I have succommed once again, so much so that they no longer fit in my cabinet.  (I have a pillow on my bottom from falling off the wagon!!) The problem lies in that I know every ribbon I have, never bought the same one twice unless I liked it that much. It’s like the person who has a wine cellar and knows every vintage he has in there (aka husband). Or the person who loves movies and can recall everyone (nephew). Or the librarian who can tell you where every book is on the shelf (me).



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