Craft Corner up Close

November 9th 2012
My Craft Corner has evolved somewhat, it’s got more personality and inspiration. It hasn’t looked this neat and tidy for many, many weeks, unfortunately.

Craft Room in it’s early years, really this was it and a closet full of stuff, crammed into plastic containers. Original Sears Kenmore Sewing machine inside the cabinet
 (does more than 45 years make it vintage?) They don’t make them like that anymore! Yes, it still works, my mom got it when she came from Cuba to make us clothes. It was handed down to me practically brand new, almost 25 years ago!

New Craft room set up, early stages.

craft room details

To the left of the book area is a ribbon cabinet I designed with 8 bars for small ribbon
and one for large spools.


craft room work area
This is the center work area. It’s filled with photos, quotes and insprational words. On the left side (see below) there is a ribbon board I made for pictures and other inspirations. (details below) As you can tell, it’s full of motivational quotes and verses.


ME illustrations
craft room details

More Mary Engelbreit Art.

Mary Engelbreit letters

I hope this will inspire you to go and make yourself a fun little work/play space.

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