No Room on the Blog

November 17th 2012
Ok. Here is the scoop. The bad news is I can’t add any new pictures to the blog because I ran out of picture space. The good news is one year plus into the blog thing, I have used up all my free picture space. So I have to buy, upload, update, renew, gigs or bytes or something. So when I figure out how to configure the updates I will post new pics.

And while I have been asked of late why am I not on Facebook or Pinterest? I don’t have time. If I had more time, I would craft more and post more; however, in regards to time and contrary to all my desires, full time jobs that pay do have a priority, but that’s not MY rule. : (

And apprently, I am not yet technologically savvy enough or connected with someone who surpasses me in blog knowledge in my circles. Anyway, do I really want to be soooo out there!?!  Well, maybe later.

So in the meantime enjoy this picture…

I like to imagine it all lit up in Christmas lights with a sleigh parked on the side ready to carry scarfed and mittened travelers across the snow on a starlit night…. if I blink really hard maybe I can go there?

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